Dog Bandanas Triangle Shaped

Dog Bandanas Triangle Shaped offers a full line of super cool dog bandanas. The dog bandanas triangle shaped are one of the most popular and versatile styles we offer. The wide design is perfect for use as a Collar on your Dog or Cat. Naturally, because of the placement of the dog bandana it also acts a pet drool catcher and is great for catching loose hair from dogs that shed. A dog bandana can also be used as a chew toy, or a “tug-of-war” toy. Place it on your Dog’s collar to keep him from pulling it off when playing with other dogs.

Available in many different colors you are sure to find a dog bandana to suit your dogs personality.

We have premium quality dog bandanas triangle shaped that are made specifically to fit your pup. Our dog bandanas come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. They are all hand-stitched with double-sided thread, so the edges will not fray. We use high-quality material that is breathable, durable and washable. This simple piece of cloth will make your pet look its best for all occasions, whether it’s going for a walk in the park, trick-or-treating around Halloween time, or even at an event like a wedding or birthday! Dog bandanas give your pet personality, style and flair making them appear more warm and friendly. They’re also a great and easy way to have matching outfits with your fury best friend.

The other side of a dogs healthcare.

Put flea and tick repellant on part of the bandana for more protection. You can also spray the triangle shaped dog bandanas with some Anxiety Spray to keep your pet at ease when he is agitated, anxious or stressed. Spray it on the bandana before you leave the house and let him relax in his crate or kennel.

Dog Bandanas Triangle Shaped
Triangle Shaped Dog Bandanas
Triangle Dog Bandanas

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Dog Bandanas are handy when going for a walk or to the park

Pooches and fetching balls go together like canines and dog bandanas triangle shaped. Especially tennis balls. Soft enough to chomp on, fuzzy enough to soak up a mouthful of doggie drool. That’s a problem, when your pal retrieves the ball. Because it’s what retrievers do. Tie the ball in one corner of a dog bandana. You can pick up the dry end, whirl it around your head, and throw it far, far away. Good exercise for dog and man.

Solid or Plaid Bandana?

The many colored choices of dog bandanas triangle shaped give the proud owner an opportunity to decorate both the hound when he goes for his walk, and his basket at home. Change the dog bandanas triangle shaped often, and throw them in the washer to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Every dog breed loves to play Tug of War. It’s good exercise, and builds strong muscles needed for a long and healthy life. Use a 100% cotton content dog scarf because it is strong, yet soft, and won’t hurt their teeth and gums when they chomp down on the bandana, be it one of the cotton triangles or a polyester one.

dog bandanas triangle shaped
dog bandanas triangle shaped
dog bandanas triangle shaped

Dog Bandanas make an Excellent Drool Catcher

Did you ever wonder why dogs drool? Why your pooch is such a slobber-puss? And can dog bandanas triangle shaped help with the embarrassing problem? Vets tell us “drool” is doggy saliva, and it helps you dog digest their kibble. But what to do when your Saint Bernard starts flinging the spit around when he shakes his head? Carry a dog bandana in your pocket for a quick wipe. Or be proactive, and tie it around his neck, as a bib.  

A Cotton Bandana as Dog Apparel

A solid color or plaid bandana is a must-have accessory when your pup heads to the dog park. It is in style, whatever the season. In winter it is a scarf to keep necks warm, and in summer a wet cotton bandana cools your dogs neck as well. The dog bandana comes in a choice of two sizes. The 30″x20″ is is perfect for your pocket pup, and the 40″x26″ makes your standard poodle the best-dressed pooch at the dog park.

Accessories, categories, and Products for Dog Apparel

When you order accessories in both sizes of a dog bandana, consider putting a 12 pack of each in your cart. A dog bandana is the perfect sort of gift accessory for the holidays. Even when you order this many items the shipping is still low, and the price is so low you can afford to gift them for any occasion. People appreciate things like a dog bandana, since they are the type of accessories that show your love of dogs.

Dog Bandanas Triangle Shaped

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