Waterproof Dog Bandanas



Waterproof Bandanas are available in 2 shapes:

Square (22″ x 22″)

Triangle (30″ x 20″)

See the video above to understand how they repel water
  • Two-thirds of American households have at least one pet, that’s about 85 million homes, and almost 400 million animals! Anyone who deals with families or kids should keep a stash of a few dog bandanas around to give away.
  • Your pups are unique. Let their charmingness show with adorable yet practical dog bandanas with designs.
  • There’s something for every personality: choose a bold solid color of blue, black, white, or red to stand out in a crowd. Or pick a pattern to denote a special day, including birthday, Christmas, or candy (just because)!
  • Groomers dig waterproof bandana bibs. They’re a great way to advertise your skills without being too in your face about it.
  • Pet party planners love ’em too. They’re a staple at all the poshest parties.
  • Anyone who deals with pets can use waterproof bandanas: animal daycares, animal trainers, dog walkers, veterinarians, animal hotels, etc.
  • They’re an instant hit with basically everyone.
  • Three cheers for Cavaliers! And every other dog breed out there. Rocko and Rockette, we love you, but you can be kind of messy, which is why waterproof bandana bibs make sense.
  • Pet suppliers also need dog bandanas, either to use as promotional freebies, or as a retail item.
  • Bright, colorful waterproof bandana bibs offer a cool and easy way to keep track of Paw-Paw at the dog run. Bring extras for your friends, old or new.
  • Bandanas are perfect to distribute at your puppy b’day party, or as a goodie bag stuffer.
  • They’re also fun to hand out at human parties, weddings, or other pet-friendly events.
  • Waterproof bandana bibs aren’t just for dogs. Kitties and kiddies and plenty of other not-so-neat peeps who move around on 2 legs or 4 love them too. Even your pint-size pets dig them to nest in.
  • They make a fun giveaway at your next pet-friendly work event.
  • Waterproof bandana bibs work great as baby bibs.
  • They’re great general-purpose cleaning cloths too.
  • One size and unisex, humans are always finding unique uses for them: tie one on your head to keep the rain off, or sport one on your wrist for easy access.
  • Wrap up your cell in a bandana to protect it from the weather.
  • Waterproof bandana bibs do double duty when they spruce up your bag and make it visible, then use it to wipe off a sketchy seat or to grab a dirty doorknob.
  • Waterproof bandana bibs make it easy to spot your baggage on the airport luggage conveyor belt.
  • Our bandanas come in convenient packs of 12 so you’ll always have a clean one on hand.
  • Waterproof bandana bibs are super convenient, durable and environmentally-friendly. Machine wash with your regular laundry; they’ll stand up to repeated use.
  • They’re also very affordable and won’t bust your bank account. Buy more, save more.
  • Ordering is a snap and shipping is fast.
  • The square bandanas measure 22” x 22” and the bandanas with designs measure 30” x 20”, so one-size-fits most.
  • For those who are in the market for high volume orders, an installment payment plan is available.
  • Waterproof bandana bibs are a must-have for any pet lover!