Neon Buddy Bandana

Neon Buddy Bandana

When you own a dog—or a dog owns you—the time will come for the two of you to talk about wearing a new neon buddy bandana. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they become attached to things like ratty old bandanas, the same way they prefer sleeping on your side of the bed. They get anxious when you take away an old, familiar bandana. A bandana that holds many memories and smells of good times. Something like playing tug of war in the backyard, or the daily experience of walking to the corner store wearing the buddy bandana.

Neon Buddy Bandana

Brighter is Better

It’s not just sunshine that makes a neon bandana shine. What could be a better choice for after sunset, than a bright neon bandana, when you both run alongside the road? Drivers will be sure to notice the bright neon bandanas, and in an emergency, what better way to flag down help, that an extra-large neon bandana? Bright neon bandanas won’t fade, after dozens of trips through the washing machine, or experience repeated days in the bright sunshine.

What a fuss they all will make over Fido and Fifi when they parade their neon bandana in front of the other canines. While the dogs are exchanging compliments and smells their owners will ask where you got the eye-popping neon buddy bandana. Be sure to mention the low price for a whole dozen of the bandanas in both large and extra large sizes, square or triangle. And don’t forget this product comes in both high-content cotton and long-lasting polyester.

Buddy or Bestie?

A neon buddy bandana is something to brighten up any animals day. When he goes to the park in search of something to chase, neon bandanas are the sort of things all the other people will notice. Amigos, Pals, and BFF. Whatever relationship between people and animals, the experience of wearing bandanas brings you closer together. Because he or she is your buddy, then you should wear a matching neon buddy bandana as a scrunchie, or around your own neck to look your best.

Make Money Online

Many businesses get customers by placing ads on Instagram. Why not order neon buddy bandanas in bulk, post ads in dog groups, and have a mini site of your own?

An Instagram business account is free, and with just a company name, email address, and a post office box you can package quality products for other pet lovers. It’s a fun family project that can sell a few items, make a little money, and provides a customer service for customers who can’t get to the pet store.

Neon Buddy Bandana

Customer Service

When you mail the order remember to send the transactions tracking number in an email, so they will know when to expect the buddy bandana in their mailbox.

You need to be sure the information content of your Instagram ads are written in plain English, and don’t promise more than you can deliver, or you will get a complaint that the ads are a scam, and Instagram may close your account!

Instead, offer more bandanas at a discount, and satisfied buyers will leave a good review, and give recommendations to their friends.

Share your Experience

Posting your photos on Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube lets other lovers of dogs, cats, and other animals share your neon bandana photos and videos. When you aim your browser at Instagram you will find more ads for every sort of pooch product.

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