Buddy Bandana in Neon

Buddy Bandana in Neon

Show your team colors with a buddy bandana in neon! Brighter-than-bright, yellow, orange, pink or green buddy bandanas in neon allow your pup to stand out in the crowd. When the crowd is loud and unruly, during a demonstration or parade, it is hard to keep track of your pup, should he slip the leash. Spotting a bright orange bandana speeding through the crowd, dodging feet and grasping hands, is easy if your dog is wearing his buddy bandana in neon.

When you need to control several dogs at a time, sort them with a color-coded bandana for each pooch. When Fido and Fifi visit the shelter, bringing cheer to the temporary guests waiting adoption, they should arrive with pet products for the other pups and pooches. Neon bandanas, in bright colors to impress future owners. Who can resist a friendly tail-wagger, when they are wearing a neon bandana?

But Why a Buddy Bandana in Neon?

Neon is the choice when a business wants to tell you they are OPEN, and BEER is for sale. Likewise a buddy bandana in neon lets everyone know a special dog is present. If you also wear a matching neon bandana, they will think you are special, too.

Some dogs are outgoing and friendly. Others are shy and retiring. The jumpers and kissers can wear a neon bandana to show how happy they are. The shy little pup who hides behind your legs needs a buddy bandana in neon to give him confidence. Neon shouts, “Look at me!” 

Neon yellow and orange are the colors used by road crews, police, and fire rescue. You want your pet to be seen, as well.

Bandanas Say Thank You

Groomers can use a colorful bandana as a gift to customers when they sign up for a monthly clip ‘n’ wash. Petco says bathing every month keeps the coat clean, and spreads the dog’s natural oils for a lustrous shine.

Lastly, a visit to the vet need not be an unpleasant experience, when both canine and owner know thy will leave with a new neon bandana to add to their collection.

Bandanas For Businesses

Dog walkers, pet groomers, and veterinarians alike know the value of Facebook and Instagram. It is an inexpensive form of advertising your business, and earn recommendations.

You can bulk order every size and variety of bandana from us! The price is low, and discount shipping is available, depending on the size of the order.

Modern technologies allow everyone’s voice to be heard. More and more small business owners use social media ads to keep in touch with clients, and win new ones. Email ads are a great way to promote your business!

Facebook ads are something to consider, because the technologies of social media reach anyone with a browser. When folks search for all things for pets they look for content written in plain English. When you login to your Facebook account remember to check for new settings, transactions, and reviews.

With so many sizes and colors of bandanas, it is the perfect product to remind people of your services. Post pictures of your pets on Facebook and Instagram, then wait for people to request more information. Email ads are a good way to introduce new items Remember to respect your customers rights to privacy, and never share their email address or account data.

Buddy Bandana in Neon Orange
Buddy Bandana in Neon Green
Buddy Bandana in Neon Yellow
Buddy Bandana in Neon Pink

Can I sell bandanas on Instagram?

Yes you can! Just open a free Instagram Business Account, and connect with more customers on Instagram for Business. Run ads for pets on Instagram. Offer items for pets. Feature Your Products. Drive Sales & Awareness. Spark Exploration.

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