Dog Bandanas aka Pet Bandanas

Kick it up a Notch

Old collars get a makeover with a dog bandana and a stylish pet with personality

All Pets Welcome

Dog bandanas aren’t limited to pups.
Cats and other pets love them too.

Keep it Simple

Dog bandanas keep your pet cleaner & makes them easier to spot at the park

Our Dog Bandanas are Premium Pet Bandanas available for Wholesale Prices with no Minimums

“Our Mission is to Provide Excellent Products, Delivered Fast, for Great Prices.” is your online source for fashionable, high quality, colorful pet bandanas accessories in every style for every sort of neck. Our bandanas are available in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. Whether you’re looking for triangle dog bandanas or square dog bandanas, the results of your search for items and accessories on your list are covered. Our wholesale bandanas accessories are available in two sizes; a regular size for average & small dogs and an extra large size for larger breeds. These items are also available in two different types of durable premium quality materials. Choose from 100% cotton content or 100% polyester depending on your preferences.

All of our items, every size, color, and content were designed with your pup in mind. A neck accessory can double as an emergency neck collar, dog muzzle, and even a chew toy as well as a “tug-of-war” toy. For best results soak it in water to keep your pup cool throughout a hot summer day. Spray your pets bandana with insect repellant, flea spray, or anxiety spray to keep your pooch at ease throughout the day.

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We offer a wide assorted selection of colors! Our bandanas are available in plain solid colors and in western paisley styles as well. You can also choose the material content, as we offer both 100% Cotton and 100% Polyester for the square and triangle bandanas. We maintain inventory for all of our products at our warehouse in Los Angeles. Our shipping department’s goal is same-day shipping, and most orders are out of the shopping cart and on a truck by end business.

Some orders in categories for products or accessories may be out of stock. We will contact you before substituting items in categories with similar relevance or price. It is always your choice to back order some type of accessories, such as a scarf or dog collar on your list of birthday gifts for your little pup.

In addition to our quality products we are known for our excellent customer service! We value your privacy, don’t use cookies, and never share your account or email address. We do keep information on your preferences and purchases filed, as a reminder when you reorder accessories and products for your pooch! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our Contact form or over the phone at (833) 432-3932. We look forward to serving you and your pet!

Get your Bulk Dog Bandanas Wholesale Today!

Our dog bandanas come in square and triangle, and two sizes. The 30″x20″ is perfect for smaller breeds, either worn as bib in front, or a cape over the shoulders. Either way, it adds a bit of extra warmth in chilly weather. There’s a dog bandana for every sort of occasion, from the birthday pup, to a new family pooch from the rescue shelter.

The extra large—40″x26″—is the perfect size for a large pet, like shepherds, standard Poodles, and even Great Danes. Certain breeds are slobber-pusses, and a big dog bandana is as necessary accessory for them as a diaper on a baby. They start their walk wearing a bandana, and come home with a wet cotton accessory, ready for the washing machine. Good thing your last order included several choices of products for your dog, so there is always a style for every sort of season and occasion. Check the price list for a wholesale quantity of accessories that will account for the birthday occasions all your family dogs have the luck to celebrate in your home.

Every sort of dog likes to roll in the grass, and a bandana, not matter what size, is useful for an emergency cleanup for your pup. Both cotton and polyester bandanas are machine washable.

Which color dog bandana is right for your dog?

When you take Man’s best friend for their daily walk don’t forget to include one of their favorite dog bandanas. With so many sizes and shapes, colors and patterns available, it is hard to decide how many dog bandanas to order. Either a three-pack, or an entire dozen, means you will never be without a fresh clean bandana. A must have when your dog sits at the front door, thumping his tail on the floor.

Speaking of three, the must-wear trio for today’s walk are the collar, the leash, and a bandana. It is your job to chose their bandana. One way is to coordinate the dog bandanas color with the canine’s coat:

  • A Golden Retriever will look great in a yellow or orange bandana. 
  • The russet red of an Irish Setter really shines in a contrasting green bandana.
  • A black Lab stands out in white.
  • Speaking of white, a poodle will draw attention in any color bandana.

Paisley is a nice change of pace from solid color bandanas. The classic red and white bandana is always in style, and sure to draw compliments at the dog park. No matter what color your dogs are, there’s are dog bandanas to compliment or contrast their coat. 

Mix and match for each day of the week, to keep them stylish during their walk. The well-dressed dog is a great conversation starter. More than one wedding has resulted from a chance encounter of two bandana-wearing dogs in the park.

Great Quality, Excellent Prices, Fast Delivery

When you place orders for wholesale dog bandanas on our site, you know you are getting the lowest price possible. Even with added taxes and shipping, the products in your order are a lower price than retail.

You can search from the United Kingdom to Kingdom Come and back for a better quality dog collar accessory on your list at a lower price. You will find more products or links to brands and preferences right here. We have the information, the brands, the products, all the things on your list of dog bandanas for the family pooch.

There is a style to fit every sort of neck, from the smallest pocket pup to the biggest beagle. The results of your search through our many categories are sure to find a style to please the personality of your pooch. In addition to the price, the vast color selection is a people pleaser, as well, because there are so many choices on every page.

Waterproof Bandanas

We are pleased to present to you the waterproof bandana. The most logical evolution of the centuries old bandana. Regular bandanas absorb water like a paper towel does, which has its benefits when you need a rag. For pets, however, a more versatile and durable material is needed which is why we’re pleased to introduce waterproof dog bandanas.

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